Things to Consider When Buying Used Mobile Home Trucks

If you are considering buying a used mobile home truck, you will find a few things to consider. Buying a mobile home is not like buying a standard house. You need to know what things to look for before buying a used mobile home truck. These ideas will help you make a perfect choice or the perfect method to negotiate on your behalf. If you have purchased your mobile home truck, ensure to click here to prevent the danger of driver fatigue when you drive your mobile home truck.


It is necessary to evaluate the age of the mobile home truck for good financing when buying one. It would be great to buy one that is younger than 1977 since those 1977 and earlier do not have code-built and DMV. It deals with the lender term that will not exceed 15 decades and also the rate will probably be around 11-12 percent which is too much. 1977 or later requires only 10 percent, you can get 20 years of financing, as well as the rate, is reduced by 1-2 percent. It’s a much better deal. If the house is newer, the rate is usually 8 percent. Preferably, you should look for one that is only 15 years old at maximum.

Park and Rent Control

mobile home truckVery few parks are recognized by lenders. Before making an offer to buy, get your credit approved for a particular park. If the rent on the space is too high or there are many foreclosures in the park, lenders may reject the financing. Besides, some parks do not have rent control. In this case, when there is none, the expansion you make each year probably can cause more money for you since the space rent goes up, but the value of your mobile home goes down. It’s like a vehicle that wears out. 


Before paying the rent park, check whether they have a security company that patrols the park. All residents must follow the rules and regulations. Yet, if there is no security, a lot can happen. A security patrol is a deterrent, and crime will occur anywhere. Call the park director and find out about the security guard. If not, stay away from the park immediately.

Pets and Neighbors

If you have a pet, you need to know whether the park allows you ro bring your golden retriever or pit bull. Most parks do not accept them. There is only one park in the Santa Clarita Valley that enables a large dog. 

More importantly, it would be best to examine the neighbors. As you live in a mobile home truck, you need to know who will live near you. The couple next door is no longer together or has a drinking problem, or maybe their kids are playing too loud. You’d like to figure it out. Go there in the afternoon and stay there for a while. Do the same thing specifically for your weekend. 

Mobile Home Values

You have to check whether the mobile home is steady and keeps going up and not declining. Buying a used home is a lot like buying a used car or truck. A seller can quote any price, but you need to know whether it is worth it. Please do not make a costly payment. In case you need to finance your beloved mobile home, you will be in a much safer position. You are then asked to purchase an appraisal to determine the true value of the mobile home. But if you are likely to get your mobile home for cash, you have to be careful since no appraisal would occur.